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 November 2015




I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of a newsletter these past months. There is no excuse and I will increase the frequency of the newsletter. Please follow our Local through Twitter or Facebook. The best thing you can do for the Union is be involved or at the very least stay up to date with current Union concerns.



(Union Service Announcement)


This section of the newsletter will be reserved for announcing any pertinent Union concerns. The Executive board of Local 2554 would like to thank Mr. Michael Martin for the suggestion. Although the discussion we had with Mr. Martin did not result in the outcome we were looking for, the discussion itself went well and we extend our thanks for his time.


For our first official U.S.A. = Unscheduled shift change

Once the G259 is posted if there are any Service initiated changes to your schedule, during that pay period, you may claim any premium pay you would have earned if you had worked the hours as originally scheduled. The determining factor is the posting of the G259 not the number of hours of notice you are given. If you have any questions or need clarification do not hesitate to contact Fernando Gurrola at






  • OT checkpoint Grievance update: We have been assigned new attorneys to negotiate the settlements terms of the OT checkpoint grievance. The Union won the grievance however we do not agree with or accept the financial settlement the Service has offered. No money has been disbursed in any form from this grievance. Hopefully with the input and assistance of the new attorneys we will see the conclusion of this grievance soon.


  • SWAP FAQ: Hopefully this information will help Union Members make more informed decisions regarding the SWAP which is currently in progress and the upcoming SWAP which is scheduled for January 2016.
    • El Centro Sector had at least one Agent who was not included in the SWAP because their name was entered incorrectly.
    • Nationwide we had several Agents who were disqualified due to incorrect information entered into the EOD section.
    • When you enter your station preferences in the SWAP please be aware there is no ranking system applied to your choices such as first choice, last choice etc… You will be matched with the most appropriate station based on the totality of your application.
    • When you are matched you will be contacted by the National Coordinator and will receive an offer. You may at this opportunity decline the SWAP without penalty. However, if you accept and then subsequently decline or choose not to complete the SWAP there will be a substantial penalty attached.
    • If you are matched but your SWAP declines your name will go back into the SWAP program and you will be given an additional opportunity to be matched up.
    • There is no penalty associated with losing your SWAP due to the other Agent declining or refusing to SWAP. Beyond the loss of your current SWAP.


  • Verizon phone update: Officially the Verizon program is still under negotiation however Verizon has removed the unlimited data, the 10th month upgrades and raised the basic price $10-20. At this time the National is talking with AFGE and will hopefully be able to negotiate another program for our membership.


  • Grooming Standards: Recently El Centro Station made a change to the implementation of the grooming standards, the Union disagreed with the manner and authority of the Station to make this change and with the help and support of El Centro Sector management we were able to resolve this issue without the need to expend financial or legal resources. We want to take the opportunity to thank Management and we hope that future concerns can be handled in the same prompt and efficient manner.


  • Agent Welfare: Calexico Station Stewards will begin selling Union merchandise soon. The proceeds of all sales will go towards the welfare of Local 2554 members. Be on the lookout items should be here in time for Christmas, show your support for Local 2554 and your fellow Union members.



  • Union Participation:


One of the strengths of any Union is the participation and involvement of its members. Everyone is encouraged to not only attend the Union meetings but to get involved. You can do as much as you are comfortable with. The only way for the Union to grow or to change is by the direct participation of its members. Don’t just complain, come down and help, your voice won’t count unless it’s heard.





If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for the Monthly Newsletter please contact David Yglesias at the following email:



Nationwide Swap Program (NWS) Update – Declination notice e-mails sent

Nationwide Swap Program (NWS) Update – Declination notice e-mails sent

Certain employees received a notification via e-mail today advising them that their initial pairing has been rescinded because the employee with whom they were paired either declined the pairing or failed to respond to the pairing notification. Those employees who were negatively impacted will have their names put back in the system for one final chance at a pairing, which is expected to be completed within two weeks. Upon a successful pairing, those employees will again be notified of the pairing and given an opportunity for a swap under the NWS.

This posting is a courtesy of Local 3307 RGV

Swaps Update

October 27, 2015 El Centro, California

All Agents that submitted required documentation for consideration of their individual application to the Swap Program, should by now, have received notification of outcome, (match found, qualification based on qualifying factors such as seniority, etc.…). Notification should have arrived in the form of an electronic mail.

The e-mail should also contain information and or interrogatory question(s) asking the participant of his/her intent to continue with the process (Swap). Local 2554 received a list/roster identifying 31 participants from the El Centro Sector.

If you have question(s) regarding any individual notification, (your own, of course) or if you were not notified and have question(s), please inform Local 2554 via e-mail.

Next scheduled “Swap” opportunity will be taking place on or about January 2016.

Be Safe!

Official Statement on Verizon Deal for our NBPC Members

Local 2554 union members read the statement below and posted in Tucson local web site.
President Del Cueto is the main negotiator in this Verizon deal.
Here, in El Centro local 2554 we are standing by until negotiations are officially close.
We are not accepting applications and prior applications were not processed.
Any questions please contact me at


Sabotaged Union Verizon Plan

For several months now I have been negotiating a discount cellular phone plan with Verizon. The discount was similar to plans that other organizations had with Verizon which included unlimited data. The deal was finalized and would have been a huge benefit not just for Local 2544 members, but to all members of NBPC nationwide. We received information that the benefit plans that included unlimited data would no longer be available and unless those within the plan did not make any type of updates they not would lose the unlimited data.

At the time that this information was made aware to me, I immediately contacted Verizon and spoke to the account executive in charge of our plan. I spoke to him and explained the issue and concern I had with the unlimited data and wanted to verify that we would not be affected like the two police unions in Arizona. He assured me that our plan would not suffer the same effects that the others would and assured me that we would be able to continue with unlimited data for our members under our national plan. These assurances are verified both with texts and emails that were sent back and forth between the Verizon account representative and I.

Earlier this week there was a conference call with Verizon executives where I was informed that our plan would also be affected with the exact same changes (loss of unlimited plans, 10 month upgrades, etc.) Various questions were asked during this conference call that lasted approximately an hour and a half. Verizon’s account executive informed me that he would get back to me after he was given time to contact other departments (compliance control) within the company to properly respond to the questions posed.

The next day we again spoke via conference call in which a Verizon executive told me that our national deal fell through because there had been issues and protest raised out of Arizona by another bargaining organization that was losing their current plan. This other organization had been aware of these changes for a year and was in the process of trying to salvage some benefits to their plan. When it was made aware to them that I negotiated an unlimited data plan nationwide their negotiating team confronted Verizon’s compliance team over our deal which caused Verizon to radically alter our national cell phone discount and causing us to lose the unlimited data plan in the process. This information is also verifiable through texts that were exchanged between the Verizon executive and I.

At no time did any member of Local 2544’s executive board or any member of the National Border Patrol Council withhold any information concerning any type of change regarding the plan. Furthermore, we did not intend for the plan to change at the eleventh hour and did very thorough due diligence with the Verizon representative to make sure this was indeed an unlimited data plan that would remain unaltered. We will move forward and try and ensure we get as many benefits to our members as possible. We remain dedicated to continue to serve and defend all of our members’ rights regardless of any rumors other organizations may spread in order to promote themselves. These organizations fall very short compared to the benefits that we provide. We will continue forward regardless of any obstacles that are put in our way by any organization that tries to compete yet can’t even provide their members basic representation during a critical incident.








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National Border Patrol Council NBPC Statement on the Retirement of Chief Michael Fisher

Retirement of Chief Michael Fisher
Published on October 16 2015

Early this morning, the National Border Patrol Council learned of the retirement of Michael J. Fisher as Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol. First, we want to thank Chief Fisher for his 28 years of service to this nation and the Border Patrol. Chief Fisher helped lead the agency during a difficult, tumultuous time in its history.

The position of Chief of the Border Patrol is extraordinarily difficult. The chief must try to navigate an endless maze of politics, hazards and no-win situations. Chaos on the border is created by policies that curtail enforcement, White House messaging that invites thousands to cross the border illegally and a lack of political will to enforce the rule of law. Without the clear support of a presidential administration or the agency, the job can prove nearly impossible.

We don’t believe Chief Fisher was ever given the support or autonomy necessary to secure the border by the leadership of Department of Homeland Security or Customs and Border Protection. Chief Fisher succeeded to the extent the administration allowed him to. The next Chief of the Border Patrol must be given the authority and freedom to do what is needed to secure the border.

The Border Patrol is a law enforcement organization that is unique in the United States. We believe there are several senior leaders within the Border Patrol who understand our culture and values and who are capable of leading the agency in the years to come.

We wish Chief Michael Fisher a happy and safe retirement and all the best in his future endeavors.

Verizon Program Update for NBPC members

El Centro, California September 15, 2015

Quick update:

As per today we are notifying our Union members that the Verizon program is a done deal.

The program is still going forward as it was originally announced.

Contrary to circulating rumors related to the NBPC Tucson local, there are no changes to our plans which were presented to our members.
The Tucson local is migrating from the umbrella of the FOP to the NBPC contract to continue and offer the best to their membership.
The delay in the enrolling process is coming to an end as per today, according to our National coordinator and Verizon.
Verizon and NBPC were sorting out some legalities in our contract and program.

We expect to get our El Centro local 2554 Union members enrolled by either the end of this week or next week.
There is a large demand concerning the NBPC/Verizon program and we are very busy processing it. Please have patience.

Email us with your questions or concerns. We are trying to get this benefit out to all our Union members as soon as possible.

If you have questions or need forms, do not hesitate to contact us:

Thank you,

“Be Safe”

Update on Verizon Plan for Local 2554 paying dues members

Members, we received the forms from Verizon, soon those will be out to you.
We are in the process to set up the sub-administrative account and start enrolling members within our local.

Be pending for more updates on this service for our members and check the new flyer describing the program.


POC. for questions about this benefit your local president:  please when communicate with us provide a contact phone number in order to call you back if needed.

President Amaya Phone # 1-888-620-2554 Ext 80


NBPC Verizon Plan Info_Page_1

NBPC Verizon Plan Info_Page_2

NBPC Verizon Plan Info

Important Update Swap Program

Employees who have submitted an application to the USBP Nationwide Swap Program should review their application before the September 5, 2015 dead line. Employees should ensure that:

· Entered their name correctly and corresponds to their government email address
· Entered a correct EOD date
· Made a selection
· Used only their logon to create an application