Union Membership Coordinator will be In Town


  • Spousal Coverage
  • Children’s Rider
  • Scholarship benefit
  • Potential $15K death benefit within

24hrs of notification


Bobby Padgett from AFGE/NBPC Membership Benefits Coordinator will be available during the month of May. He will be at station musters at both Calexico and El Centro. Additionally Mr. Padgett will make brief appearances at the Firearms trailer.




ELS                     11MAY 2200

ELS                     12MAY 0600 1400 2200

CAX                     13MAY 0600 1400 2200

Firearms        12MAY 1130

Firearms        13MAY 1130

ELS                     14MAY 0600

Firearms        14MAY 1130

VRP’s & ROB’s Info.

Still, there are questions about these 2 programs by our members; here is a brief explanation and Q&A by our National President that was posted by NBPC and other locals:


What is the VRP? On August 26, 2010, the agency and the NBPC entered into the most recent VRP agreement that continued a test program that was approved by Congress and that was intended to provide Federal Agencies and Federal Employees more move opportunities by decreasing the amount of money an agency would have to pay for relocations. The test program expired on April 29, 2014, which also ended the negotiated VRP.

Under the VRP, the agency identified vacancies at Border Patrol Stations and posted those openings on USA Jobs. Agents were provided an opportunity to apply for the openings and were able to put in for a maximum of five locations. OPM compiled referral lists of all applicants by seniority and sent the lists to the selecting officials at the individual sectors. On each referral list, the selecting official (management) was able to consider the top seven (7) names, which became the list of consideration, for the first vacancy. For each additional vacancy, one more name from the referral list was added to the list of consideration. Management was able to select anyone from the list of consideration regardless of seniority.

Example: Station “A” has two vacancies and 10 agents apply for those openings. Management would be given the referral list containing the names of all 10 agents but would only be able to select from the list of consideration or the top 8 agents based upon seniority. With their two selections, management would be able to choose the two most junior agents from the list of consideration even if those agents only had 3 years in the patrol and the most senior agents had 20 years in the patrol. Management would be required to take into consideration the seniority of all agents on the “consideration list,” but if they determined the junior agents were more qualified, management would be free to choose those agents.

Recent examples of how selections were made under the last few VRP announcements: After management received their lists, they called the duty stations of the applicants to compile a matrix on each agent (the matrix’ were not negotiated and at times management refused to admit that they used them. The NBPC found out about the matrix through management. A matrix was not used on all selections). In many cases, they were looking for specific qualifications or certifications such as Firearms Instructors, Boat Patrol Certifications, Horse Patrol Certifications, etc., and they made their selections based upon those certifications and other factors, including overall seniority. About 4 or 5 years ago, we saw a great many Firearms Instructors selected in the VRPs even though in many instances they were some of the most junior agents on the “consideration list.” We also saw an awful lot of senior agents passed over because management claimed they weren’t the most qualified agents when they made their selections.

Albeit a big factor, seniority isn’t the only component to being selected under the VRP.

What is the ROB? The Relocation Opportunity Bulletin is almost the same as the VRP. The biggest difference is that the VRP is a funded program and the ROB is a non-funded program. There are a few other subtle differences such as:

Agents will be able to apply for three locations instead of five.
Agents will be required to submit a resume.
There are no seniority limitations to make the consideration list. Seniority will still be a factor and must be considered when making a selection, but it’s not the only factor.

Another reason the ROB is considered a non-funded program is because it doesn’t provide the same moving benefits as the VRP. Under the VRP and prior to moving, an agent is given 5 days of admin leave to take a house hunting trip. At the time of moving, agents are given three more admin days to pack their household belongings and another three admin days to unpack upon arrival at their new duty location. Agents are also given admin leave for travel to get to their new duty station, but there is no per diem.

Most Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. Is the ROB a location swap program?
A. No, you do not have to find someone to trade locations with you. It is an application and selection program just like the VRP. It is anticipated that Nationwide ROBs will be announced on USA Jobs and that in sector ROBs will be announced via memorandum.
Q. Is every station going to have slots available?
A. Staffing levels are determined by the agency and, like the VRP, those levels will determine the openings.
Q. How many agents will be able to leave one station?
A. Just like the VRP, there is no hard number. Because this is a test program that will last only two years, and if the agency wants it to continue after the initial expiration, they will make proper selections regardless of the number of agents from one station that will be reassigned.
Q. How much time in service must an agent have to participate in the ROB?
A. Eligibility begins once an agent is off probation.
Q. If an agent accepts a ROB, is there a waiting period before an agent is eligible to apply for another relocation?
A. Like the VRP, there is a two-year waiting period.
Q. Will management prevent agents in focus sectors such as Tucson and RGV from being selected under the ROB?
A. If management wants this program to continue beyond the initial two-year trial period, they will not exclude anyone from being selected. As management did with some provisions of the VRP, however, they can violate provisions of this agreement and the NBPC will have to take appropriate action. Unfortunately, there are no provisions the NBPC can add that will ensure management does not violate an agreement, but we retain the right to file grievances, ULPs and EEO complaints.
Q. Can an agent apply for the same number of stations under the ROB as he/she could under the VRP?
A. No, under the ROB an agent may apply for up to three stations per announcement and under the VRP an agent may apply for up to five stations per announcement.
Q. Will the ROB inhibit or replace any other negotiated agreements, whether national or local.
A. No, the ROB does not replace or inhibit any agreement already set forth.
Q. Is the NBPC working on a location swap program?
A. Yes, the NBPC proposed a location swap program to the agency more than a year ago and we’re still in negotiations.

As you can see, the ROB is an inferior program when compared to the VRP, just like the VRP is an inferior program to fully funded moves, but when the ROB is coupled with the VRP and hopefully a location swap program in the near future, the possibility of agents being able to move will be greatly enhanced. We haven’t had any mobility announcements in almost three years and this agreement ensures there will be regular mobility opportunities for the next two years. If you have any other questions, please get with your local and they will get you an answer.


Members do not neglect and quickly print and fill these forms as per today April 15, 2015 you can still became part of this lawsuit.



Attention!!!!!!!!! as per today April 8, 2015: if you are a union members and still have not file the lawsuit docs, you can still do it and send the documents to the address on the form.

1101 Vermont Ave. , N.W.
Suite 1000
Washington, D.C. 20005

K-9’s union members are highly urged to do it if you have not.

Contact us via email if you have questions on this regards.

Forms are at the bottom for you to print and file.



Deadline to submit paperwork for FLSA Lawsuit IT HAS BEING EXTENDED UNTIL FUTURE NOTICE.

*** Questions such as whether your letter was received can be sent directly to the law firm at the following email address: info@wmlaborlaw.com

Also if you need to change your mailing address please email the local union office assistant , Rebecca Haro, at the following email address: rharo@nbpc2554.org



AUO Decertification Memo to Sector’s Chiefs is on its way!

Latest News:


Today our local received news from our national leadership that a memorandum will be issue on Thursday, February 19, or Friday, February 20, 2015 to every Sector Chief. This memorandum will notify them of the implementation of the AUO Decertification as well some procedures that must accompany such notice. Sector’s Chiefs then will notify their stations about the whole issue.


NBPC at National level continue negotiating over the impact and implementation of this agency action.

Locally we will negotiate over the impact and implementation to the full extend of the law.


We will keep you posted when more details or information is available.

NBPC 2554 Newsletter February 9, 2015


LOCAL 2554

American Federation of Government Employees

Affiliated with AFL-CIO


“Protecting Those Who Protect Our Borders”


Union Newsletter

 February 9, 2015



Information on Union Meeting


When: February 17, 2014

Time: @ 5pm

Location: 1413 State Street El Centro CA 92243


Union Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 5 pm at 1413 State St in El Centro.


AUO Decertification




The following information was published by the NBPC on February 5, 2015.


On January 22, 23, a 24th (2015), Chief Fisher appeared at several musters in the Tucson Sector and informed Agents of the imminent de-authorization of AUO. The timing of his announcement caught everyone off guard; however, the announcement about de-authorization itself should not have caught anyone off guard. Due to the ongoing legal issues of AUO, the agency has been slowly decertifying Border Patrol Agents in phases. The first phase was management at HQ and all academy personnel; the second phase was upper managers at the sector level; the third phase was second line supervisors and above at both the station and sector levels as well as certain details at both the stations and sectors, and the last phase, which apparently will happen soon is the rest of the Border Patrol. The culmination of which is the total de-authorization of OBP.


The agency is waiting for legal guidance from OPM on how to proceed with the de-authorization, but upon receipt of that guidance, the NBPC should be properly notified, followed by each individual Agent. The de-authorization cannot take place until at least 30 days after you receive your notice. There is no exact time line on when OPM will provide it’s guidance, but as Chief Fisher put out in the musters, we know it will happen soon, and at that time, he will move forward with CBP’s plan to de-authorize all Agents.


In order to get out in front of this issue, the NBPC has been in contact with the agency in an effort to obtain working conditions that will benefit all Agents. There are several initiatives being worked on at this time. Although we cannot get into the specifics at this time, we can tell you that your pay checks, due to negotiations, should not suffer and in some cases will actually increase. We can also tell you that we are confident that we will be going away from clean shifts and that an alternative work schedule will be provided. Specific details will be given when the issue is finalized.


If you have any questions, please get with your Local Union Executive Board Officers and if they do not have an answer readily available they will get you one.




The following information is condensed from a statement from Local 2554 originally posted on February 4, 2015:


  • NBPC is expecting that Border Patrol Pay Reform will be implemented within the next six months to one year.
  • AUO Decertification will be across the board (all Sectors) with payment of FEPA beyond the regularly scheduled 8 hour shifts.
  • An MOU with all parties is currently being worked on.
  • Alternative/compressed work schedules are now on the table.
  • No more clean shifts. We are going back to 6am to 2pm, 2pm to 10pm, 10pm to 6am.



Information on Union Representation Activities


Local 2554 is currently negotiating with El Centro Station regarding the Parking lot designations.


Due to the success of the PARESE committee in dealing with DUI’s, the committee will be shifting the focus to Domestic Violence and other alcohol relate events.


If you are having pay related concerns due to AUO restrictions on Protective class employees Light duty/OWCP, please contact a Union Representative. You are entitled to compensation for any loss of wages including “Lost Wages” that are a direct result of an assignment to “current” light duties/AUO non-compensable duties.










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