10,800 sq. miles will be unguarded by Border Patrol in El Centro Sector

With Customs & Border Protection’s planned sequestration cuts over 10,800 square miles of territory in the Indio Station’s Area of Responsibility (AOR) will be left unguarded. CBP plans to eliminate overtime pay, forcing the Indio station to increase the number of shifts by 50% in an attempt to have agents on duty 24/7. This will dramatically reduce the number of agents on duty at any given time. Because of the reduced manpower, agents will not be patrolling large sections of the 10,800 sq. mile AOR. Furthermore, because the elimination of overtime restricts agents to their 8 hour shift, agents will only spend about 5 hours of their shift actually patrolling. The rest of the time will be spent simply driving to their area.

How can Congress claim the border is secure and attempt to introduce immigration reform when large sections of border territory are being left unguarded?
Furthermore, arrests are on the rise as smuggling is increasing across the southwest border:

Border Patrol union questions security, staffing in Hidalgo County
Illegal immigrant crossings rise over holiday weekend

Apparently CBP’s plan is to simply ensure that the Border Patrol is so badly handicapped by policy and restricted hours that no arrests are made, then they can claim that the area is secure and has no illegal activity.

California and Texas Congressmen have already come out in opposition to these drastic cuts in enforcement.

Here is an updated letter template for Border Patrol agents to write to their Senators and Representative on this issue.