Arriving of Illegal Immigrants from Rio Grand Valley to El Centro Sector for Processing

June 23, 2014

Arriving of Illegal Immigrants from Rio Grand Valley to El Centro Sector for
(El Centro, CA) – A recent cancellation has delayed the commencement of an operation aimed
at helping Rio Grande Valley, Texas Border Patrol Agents in their efforts with a new challenge
and at the moment the start date of the operation remains unknown. Although the start date is not known, the operation will go forward in the near future.
The operation involves the influx or a surge in Other Than Mexican nationals and
unaccompanied children entering the United States illegally through different locations in a
specific area in Texas from the Mexican side of the border.
The high volume of traffic in one area has created a swell of persons in custody that is beyond
the capacity of the Border Patrol Sector in that area. This has resulted in some of the persons in
custody being diverted to the El Centro Sector for completion of the enrollment and submittal
process in order to determine biographical identification of the individuals in custody. The El
Centro Sector anticipates receiving as many as 140 persons every three days, principally family
Logistics include receiving families and individuals at the Yuma airport after they are screened at the point of origin and again at the arrival point for any ongoing medical issues or concerns.
Once cleared, the candidates/ Illegal Aliens will be transported to the El Centro Station, in order
to be processed by El Centro Station personnel.
70 to 80% of the individuals and families that are introduced to this area will have arrived with
the means to vacate this area once processed. Other Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
entities such as ICE, USCG, USCIS and FEMA are also aiding in the effort to resolve this issue
to the best of our collective abilities.
For more information about this issue you can visit or call 1888-620-2554
Ext. 80