AUO is over – April 7

Beginning April 7, CBP will no longer pay Administratively Uncontrollable Overtime to Border Patrol agents. Even without the furlough this represents a 32% pay cut, which will be devastating to agents and their families.

Congress passed HR933 which gave CBP enough money to save AUO AND avoid furloughs. CBP has instead decided to continue with its vindictive attempts to slash the pay of Border Patrol agents. This is not mandated by any operational concerns – to the contrary, agents will be restricted to their basic 8 hour shift, which will not provide enough time to conduct basic law enforcement functions associated with protecting the border. Driving times alone will eat up at least half the shift at many stations, allowing only a few hours for actual patrolling. Enforcement activities will be crippled. Congress provided enough money to cover salaries and ensure that enforcement goes uninterrupted.

On paper, agents are eligible for other forms of overtime, but stations and the Union have already been informed that many stations will be going to 4, 6, even 8 shifts per day to ensure that no agent works beyond their 8 hour shift. This ensures that agents will earn no overtime pay and makes EXTRA sure that no actual law enforcement is conducted.

Apparently CBP’s mission of screwing over 20,000 Border Patrol agents is more important than actually protecting the border.

All Border Patrol agents (and every concerned American) should be flooding their Senators and Representatives with phone calls protesting these cuts, which can only be described as BULLSHIT.

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    • The Union is fighting it directly in negotiations, considering all the legal options available, as well as taking it to the media. But we also are expecting individual agents to step up and call their Senators on this one. The more voices the better. It’s not some feel-good BS – making yourself heard WORKS.

    • Nope.. But remember that according to the Union Contract, you submit your memo requesting permission for outside employment, and if they don’t deny it within 8 days you can consider it automatically approved.

  1. seriously… Just go to leap or come up with a different overtime structure so we don’t have to do this every year!

    • The Union is already (and has been) pushing it’s own pay reform (far superior to LEAP – you DON’T want BP managers to have the power over you that LEAP gives them) and it should be coming out in a budget or bill very soon.

  2. I don’t understand why the union is against LEAP so much. I understand its less money than AUO and the new overtime structure that the union has presented, but I believe it is more beneficial overall. Stop fighting against LEAP so hard. It’s much better than what we are going to be stuck with after 4/7, which is 0 overtime. It is my understanding that with LEAP there is more scheduling flexibility, to include the option to work a 4 day work week.

    • LEAP has nothing to do with scheduling flexibility, and it’s not the reason we don’t have 4 shifts. The NBPC pay reform proposal benefits everyone – agents, agency and taxpayers. It’s easily “budgetable” (you know exactly how much you’ll spend), agents make a little less money, but have the security of not having their pay slashed with the stroke of a pen, and good for the taxpayers because it costs less money.

  3. This is truly detrimental to families….creditors do not care, they have told us, “no we will not defer payments, no we will not lower interest rates”… is all we hear. IN 6 months IF this is resolved at all we will have lost our credit, so we may loose our cars, homes and ability to get a new home or car, and our kids will not be able to get loans to go to college either since we have to rely on private loans as we do not qualify for financial aid…..Beginning next month it will be impossible to pay a low interest mortgage on a small and humble home, utilities, food and the one vehicle our family shares to get to and from. We will be forced to chose between paying rent once we loose our homes or the car.

  4. You guys need to demand LE pay just like outher law enforcement agents in the GOV get.

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