Border Patrol union endorses Trump

Border Patrol union endorses Trump

By JULIO MORALES, Staff Writer | Posted: Wednesday, March 30, 2016 3:59 pm

The National Border Patrol Council, which represents about 16,500 agents nationwide, announced Wednesday that it had endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The endorsement, which marks the first time the organization has endorsed any presidential candidate, was prompted largely in part by Trump’s pro-military and law enforcement stances, according to a NBPC press release.

The endorsement was the result of recent discussions and a subsequent consensus among the union’s various chapters, said NBPC Local 2554 President Lombardo Amaya.

Although a survey of the agency’s rank and file wasn’t conducted prior to the endorsement, Amaya said that the Local 2554’s board members had discussed the issue among themselves and had arrived at a consensus to endorse Trump based on input from agents in the field.

In contrast to the many of the other presidential candidates who had sought an endorsement, Trump was the only candidate that had made an effort to speak directly with Border Patrol agents, and make a public commitment to support the agents’ efforts to secure the border and help improve their job conditions, Amaya said.