Help BPA James Ammon

 My name is Aaron Lackie and I am writing this for my good friend James Ammon who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Rectal Cancer. James is the loving husband of Betty Ammon, who he met on a mission trip to Mexico.  They have three children; David (9), Allen (6) and Charlotte (3).  James is the sole provider for his family. For as long as I have known James I have seen him as the kind of man who is stable, works hard for his family and tries his best to do the right thing. Which is probably why it took my wife and I by surprise when James started getting sick a few months ago…

Help El Centro Agent Mark Wheeler

Family and friends pray for the speedy recovery of Mark Gregory Wheeler. Mark was recently diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic lung cancer. We are all still processing the news. From what started as back pain, resulted in extensive spinal surgery, to the fight of his life. Anyone that knows him will say without hesitation, that Mark is such a great person…a family man with a kind heart and generous disposition. He’s a private person, so agreeing to allow us to start this campaign must have been a tough decision. Many of us who have had to deal with cancer and its treatment know it comes with high medical costs. We hope to raise funds in order to help Mark fight and overcome this cancer.

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NBPC Statement on Nomination of General John Kelly for DHS Secretary

NBPC Statement on Nomination of General John Kelly for DHS Secretary

The National Border Patrol Council would like to thank both President-elect Trump and Vice President-elect Pence for seeking our opinion about the nomination of General Kelly as the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. We have faith in President-Elect Trump, and although General Kelly does not have immigration experience, we recognize that he comes in with stellar credentials. We caution however, that because President-elect Trump’s meteoric rise was built on border security, we believe no other cabinet level nominee will be under more pressure to produce.

The NBPC was proud to endorse President-elect Trump very early on and we stood by him through thick and thin, and we continue to do so. However, our endorsement does come with expectations. We expect the new Administration to work with the NBPC to solve the historic problems within the Agency that have created an environment that consistently ranked at the bottom of all Federal Agencies in morale, job satisfaction, and trust in leadership. The challenge of meeting our expectations and solving these problems will be placed on the shoulders of General Kelly.

General Kelly’s troops, by all accounts, loved him, which, bodes well for the morale issue within DHS, and he appears to be a no-nonsense rule of law General. Tom Ridge is the closest comparison. Secretary Ridge also had stellar credentials but due in large part to the newness of the department and it’s size and breadth of work, he wasn’t successful. Unlike Secretary Ridge; however, General Kelly will have history on his side and if he comes in with a fresh approach – the non-establishment “outside of the box thinking” approach – and if he surrounds himself with the right people, we believe President-elect Trump’s administration will allow him to be successful.

Locality Pay Letters of Support

As part of local 2554 efforts to secure an increase in our locality pay SGT at Arms Mike Matzke work on a petition package that he was able to present to the Federal Salary Council in person. At the same time President Amaya, IDO VP Friend, ELS VP Yglesias were able to meet to Congressman Vargas and Congressman Cook to secure letters of support. The letter of support were sent to the Federal Salary Council as well as each member of the President’s Pay Agent.

The combine efforts of local 2554 and the Executive Board hopefully will lead to an increase of locality pay not only for Border Patrol Agents but for all federal employees in the Imperial Valley.

Local 2554 would like to extend our gratitude to Christopher J. Harris
Director of Legislative & Political Affairs San Diego Local 1613. Director Harris in respond to Presidents Amaya request was able to facilitate the meetings with Congressman Cook and Congressman Vargas.

Congresman Cook, President Amaya, VP Friend, VP Ygleisas and Director Harris

Congresman Cook, President Amaya, VP Friend, VP Ygleisas and Director Harris. June 2016

Congressman Vargas, President Amaya, Secretary Porfirio Abaraca.

Congressman Vargas, President Amaya, Secretary Porfirio Abaraca. Long Standing Relationship with Congressman Vargas. August,  2013

Here are the letters of support from Congressman Juan Vargas 51st  District, and Congressman Paul Cook 8th District