Continuing Resolution to fund Customs and Border Protection

The House passed a continuing resolution (CR) to authorize the full-funding for the Agency. The Senate is working on their version, which is expected to pass as well. If the two bills are reconciled, the Agency will be fully funded and the de-authorization of AUO will not be necessary. The furlough days are still a possibility, but in the end, it will depend on the funding authorized by Congress .

If the Agency elects not to stop to the furloughs and the de-authorization of AUO, it will bring serious doubt to their ability to lead this law enforcement agency in a way that should be demanded by the American people. We hope and expect that they will do the right thing.

We want to thank the NBPC officers who devoted so much time and effort to this issue. We also want to thank all our members and supporters who flooded their elected legislators with letters and phone calls. It clearly has been successful, but needs to continue until the Agency takes the appropriate action. This isn’t over yet, but it appears to be close to a resolution.