Forward Operating Centers (FOC) Unsafe and Unhealthy working Conditions

July 7th, 2015


Today the United States Border Patrol demonstrated just how far its priorities have changed. Today in El Centro Sector, several illegal immigrants who broke our laws entering our country were driven to a local motel to take showers. Rooms for which the Service had to pay for, just for the use of the showers. While at the same time a group of Agents who have been involuntarily ordered to a FOC in Big Bend Texas have been without electricity and water for several hours. While it may seem like a small matter it goes to show just how low the Agency holds the welfare of its Agents. The Agency willful neglect and lack of compassion for its own is shining through. The Agents at the FOC were finally provided a generator with an extension cord so they chose to hook up the refrigerator so their food does not spoil. The FOC itself does not have power and the Agents are without showers, toilets etc…

“Honor First”, “Honor First” Big Bend Sector and El Centro Sector.


Lombardo Amaya
NBPC 2554
El Centro Sector