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 July 2016


Fallen Agents Fund

Thanks to the generous donations of Agents and the Indio welfare and recreation the Fallen Agents Fund was able to send a $3100.00 check to the Larranaga family. In the future anyone who wants to help can donate by going to or fallen agents fund on face book.


Nationwide Swap Program to Open July 18

The USBP Nationwide Swap Program (NWS) will open on July 18, 2016 @ 2:00 pm Central – August 1, 2016 @ 2:00 pm Central. Employees will have the ability to submit up to 7 locations from a list of available duty stations. There will be no preference of choice. All choices will be considered as a location the employee is willing to move to. All selections are made on the basis of seniority.

As with the previous announcement, employees will receive an email informing them of the location they have been paired with. Employees will have 5 days to respond. Employees who decline the pairing will be removed from the current announcement. Employees, who are impacted by their partner declining, will have their name placed back into the program for second round of pairings and possibly a third round of pairings.

As per the April 28, 2105 MOU employees considered eligible are:

Have served a minimum of three (3) years as a BPA, is not the subject of any pending performance or disciplinary action, or is the subject of an investigation of alleged misconduct, that may prevent the performance of the full scope of the required duties;

Have not received or been subject to three or more disciplinary actions (reprimand to fourteen (14) days suspensions), or a single adverse action (suspension of more than fourteen (14) days) within the last two (2) years;

Are not under a Last Chance Agreement; and

Have fulfilled any time-in-station requirements associated with any previously approved relocation or assignment.

Employees, who are submitting for the NWS, should strongly consider the personal cost and commitment it takes to relocate under this program and the impact it has on their fellow co-workers. Employees should only put in for locations that they truly want and are willing to relocate to.

An announcement will be placed on the CBP net’s USBP homepage giving more information and a link to the NWS site. Employees will not have access to the site prior to its opening. Employees should carefully read and understand the conditions and requirements before submitting their names for this program. Employees should take great care when entering their data, to ensure it is correct.

As with the prior solicitation, we will have the Potential Opening Tabulation Table (POTT). The POTT will allow employees to see all employees who are putting in for their station. The POTT does not guarantee any employee a swap but should only be used as a tool to gauge interest.

  40 Hours of Annual Leave Rescinded

 Information was received from our National officers that 40 hours of leave granted by then acting Chief Vittiello via memoranda was rescinded by CBP Commissioner. He did mentioned when questioned, that he may give Border Patrol agents some hours in the future but not 40 hours. We will look for updates on this from our national next month.

 Uniform Inspections El Centro Sector

Local President Amaya stated that our local, (Local 2554), has not signed or negotiated any uniform inspection(s) agreement. El Centro Sector, Chief Scott provided NBPC 2554 (our local), with the following items:

  • A copy of a San Diego Sector Standard Operational Procedure, (SOP), regarding this issue.
  • A copy of the “National Policy on Uniforms and Grooming Standards”
  • The most recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), between NBPC and the Agency regarding this issue.
  • A “2010 Memoranda” from former Chief Fisher and San Diego Sector Chief Barlow.

After a thorough review of the documents provided to the local by Sector Chief Scott was completed, local union officers found problems and or conflicts with the interpretation and or the manner in which it was being applied. The conflict and or problem exists between the National Policy, NBPC MOU, and the San Diego Sector SOP which had been provided as samples.

Local 2554 also consulted with our National Officers and were informed that El Centro Sector cannot implement any inspections without going through the proper channels such as LER, in D.C in order to notify NBPC at the national level about changing uniform and grooming policy or to open negotiations with the intent to change the language contained in the uniform and grooming policy.

Local 2554 designated officials set a meeting for July 20, 2016, with Sector Deputy Villareal to address this issue and in order to clarify any rumors. Members will receive an update as one becomes available.

Calexico Station Starts Following National Policy

Thanks to the work of Union Representative Guadalupe Valenzuela in multiple meetings with management. The Calexico Station will be sending two agents when assigned to local hospital watch, and when traveling to San Diego. Valenzuela pointed out in several meetings that it was national policy to send two agents. Valenzuela also brought up the safety issues of vehicle trouble while escorting detainees over the grade, and not being included in the safety checks. With the general anti-law enforcement attitudes held by some in the United States, and the recent targeting of law enforcement officers it is good to know that Union Representative Valenzuela was working to make the part of our job that we can control a little safer.

New Unassigned Rifles (M-4)

President Amaya raised the issue of unassigned Rifles (M-4) at Calexico Station. Management answered with the following: “SBPA Mojica handles the weapons”.  “He will be posting a new list on Thursday”.  “This list will be placed outside the armory with M-4 assignments”.  “We don’t have enough to assign every agent an M-4 at this time”.  SBPA Mojica states that currently those agents who have requested an M-4 will be assigned an M-4.  Assignments will be subject to seniority. A few of the rifles are locked up in the safe and kept there as replacements, for repairs and/or, as needed.  Some of the other rifles that are located on the rack belong to Agents out on detail.  “The rest are “pool” weapons that are assigned to agents as needed/requested.”

Please keep President Amaya or your local union Rep update with the posting of this list.


Congressman Col. Paul Cook, Ret., 8th District

Congressman Meeting

NBPC Local 2554 Executive Board with Congressman Paul Cook.

From Left to Right: Ray Friend, Indio Vice-President; Lombardo Amaya, President; Col. Paul Cook, Ret.; David Yglesias JR, El Centro Acting Vice-President and Christopher Harris, Local 1613

On June 29, 2016, members of the Executive Board of NBPC Local 2554 were given the opportunity to sit down and speak with Representative Cook.

Congressman Cook, is well known for representing the interests of his constituents and working with and for the betterment of both Local and National Unions. An infantry officer who served with distinction in the United States Marine Corps and a veteran of the Vietnam War, Col. Cook’s military career spanned twenty-six years. His actions in combat earned him a number of honors, including two Purple Hearts and the Bronze Star Medal with a V for valor. He retired from the Marine Corps in 1992 as a colonel. He has represented the 8th District since elected to do so in November of 2012.

During the meeting between Congressman Cook and NBPC 2554, we discussed Border Security, mission readiness, and personnel retention within the Patrol. Congressman Cook was eager to hear our concerns and asked us to prepare position papers and submit them to him for his review. We invited Congressman Cook to tour El Centro Sectors AOR and he has agreed just as soon as arrangements can be finalized. Thank you Congressman Cook on behalf of all the men and women of the United States Border Patrol. We appreciate your time and wish you well.

Stripes Still Needs Saving


Agent Daniels has been working hard to save stripes the dog that used to hang out at bravo field and alert agents to smugglers on the south side. Stripes is a 2 year old female Pit bull and Lab Mix who was found roaming the streets of Calexico, California for more than 6 months. One day Stripes was struck by a vehicle and was taken to the Humane Society. Due to overcrowding at the facility and zero socialization skills she has to be boarded at the El Centro Animal Clinic. The fees to board Stripes are $10.00 a day; she has been there since October 7 2015. BPA Daniels is hoping to find her a permanent home / rescue ASAP so she can have a life she deserves. Until that happens that fee for boarding will be increasing daily! Please help us pay for Stripes until she’s in a better place. Every little bit helps. If anybody is willing to adopt Stripes please contact BPA Diana Daniels. Also, there is an Agent at the Calexico station who is willing to pay for her adoption fees if a family is found. Stripes is vaccinated and spayed. She needs a family with a big yard who will let her be herself.   She spent most of her years outside and needs to feel comfortable. Stripes has a go fund me page to help with the boarding costs its


  • July Union Meeting: The next Union Meeting will be July 19th 10 a.m. at the union office on State St.
  • Union Participation:

One of the strengths of any Union is the participation and involvement of its members. Everyone is encouraged to not only attend the Union meetings but to get involved. You can do as much as you are comfortable with. The only way for the Union to grow or to change is by the direct participation of its members.

A little Humor:

The difference between the Good Samaritan and the Union Rep.

A Good Samaritan and a Union Representative were walking along a path by the river one day. All of a sudden they heard a scream from someone being carried down the river, and that person was yelling for help! The Good Samaritan jumped in and saved the person from drowning.

As they walked further along, the Good Samaritan and the Union Rep heard another person being carried down the river, this person was also screaming for help. Again, the Good Samaritan jumped in and saved that person. At that same time, the Union Rep. took off running up the path.

Where are you going? We need to save these people! Yelled the Good Samaritan.

The representative shouted over his shoulder, I’m going to find the person who’s throwing everyone into the river and take care of the problem!





 Never talk to OIG or IA without a lawyer or a Union Rep.

Always put the Garrity language in your use of force memorandums.

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