Union News Letter May 19, 2014

Union Newsletter
May 19, 2014

Information on Union Meeting

When: Tomorrow 5/19/2014
Time: @ 5pm
Location: 1413 State Street El Centro Ca 92243

Union Meetings are every 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 5pm at 1413 State St in El Centro.


Information on 840 Detail

On May 8, 2014, Union Executive Board Members met with Sector Management to discuss issues/concerns with the 840 Detail Solicitation. The following was addressed.

Union Question: Is the detail voluntary?
Managements Answer: Yes.

Union Question: What will happen if you have no volunteers?
Managements Answer: We will continue backfilling with Agents from BIC and INTEL.

Union Question: What is the impact in regards to AUO, days off, lunch, or breaks?
Managements Answer:
– NO AUO for this detail.
– Shift Assignments at 840 will be according to service needs (meaning you don’t get to choose what shift you want to be on at this detail.
– No lunch hour (However one person sometimes goes out on a run and brings food back for the rest of the operators).
– Station Master Leave will be respected
– Days Off will be according to service needs (meaning you will likely have undesirable days off) Annual Leave.
– Sick Leave will be handled the same way as at the station.

Sector Management agreed to re-send the 840 detail announcement to make Agents aware that there will be no AUO Pay for this detail.


Information on
El Centro Sector Station Exchange Program (SEP) Proposal

On May 8, 2014, Union Executive Board Members met with Sector Management to discuss issues/concerns with El Centro Sector Station Exchange Proposal. The following was addressed.

This is a voluntary program where Agents will have the opportunity to temporarily Exchange Stations for 2 Pay Periods (No Extensions). El Centro, Calexico, and Indio Stations will be participating in this program.

Union negotiated the following:
– Selections will be based on Seniority.
– All IDO Agents will be allowed to participate not just those within the local commuting area.
– Agents choosing to go to IDO will have the opportunity to Report directly to IDO for Muster OR to report to ELC, pick up a G-Ride, & drive out to the 86 or 111 checkpoint.
– It will be a 1 for 1 swap so as not to affect days off or annual leave requests. (Meaning if Bravo shift in CAX loses 1 Agent to this Exchange Program the Agent coming from another station will go to Bravo shift.


Information Regarding Parking At “Salida”

On May 1, 2014, a Union Executive Board Member met with Management at the Calexico Station to discuss an order that they gave not to straddle the railroad tracks at Salida. Management said to use “Common Sense” and find a different location to park, but that we could no longer reverse/back-up the G-rides on top of the tracks.

Issue the Union had with this order was that it didn’t want Management to hold Agents liable if they chose a location to park and were struck by a civilian vehicle or if more got-aways were recorded because Agents could no longer park at a location where they’ve been parking for years. We put it back on Management to address where exactly they wanted us parked. As a result, Intel put together a power-point illustrating an acceptable location to park when covering Salida. If anyone needs to see the power-point they can request it to the Intel Office. This was important because now if an Agent is struck by a civilian taking that “Last US Exit/Turnaround” they should have managements support as they were instructed that it was an acceptable location to park.


Information Regarding Hazardous Condition With G-Rides

In October 2013, a Union Executive Board Member completed a CBP Form 507 identifying hazards to CAX Management that are present on G-Rides. The hazards were exposed metal floor on the driver’s side floor, exposed cable on drivers side floor, and missing brake pedal sleeves. (These hazards make the drivers side floor and brake pedal slippery with a greater potential for vehicle accidents to occur)

The Hazard was not abated so a Union Initiated Grievance was filed in February 2014. El Centro Sector Management and the Union came to an agreement in April 2014 that we would inspect the vehicles in CAX and identify the ones in need of repair and start funneling them into the garage to get the problem fixed.

On May 1, 2014, a Union Executive Board Member and a Calexico Station Management Official completed an inspection of Calexico Station vehicles in accordance with the agreement reached from the UIG. 276 Vehicles were inspected and 96 were found in need of repair. An additional CBP Form 507 was completed to identify and document these vehicles that need repair. (A copy of the list can be viewed on the Union Board at the Calexico Station Muster Room).

The Union advised Management that we expect that these repairs will be expedited and completed within a reasonable amount of time as they pose a hazard for Agents out in the field.

The Union also advised Management that any future vehicle accidents involving these identified vehicles may raise a necessity to consider whether the hazards identified were cause for the accident.