EEO and Health & Safety

What does the CBA with the Agency say about EEO and Bargaining Unit Employee’s Rights?

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There are seven protected characteristics that constitute the different types of EEO (or equal employment opportunity) cases that may be brought against a Federal Agency:

Race, Color, Religion, Sex, National Origin, Age or Disability, Genetic information, Retalation.

EEO Process Map

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If you have questions regarding the EEO process or you want to file a complaint because you believe you are being discriminated against under the seven basis in the form of:

Disparate Treatment

Disparate Impact


Failure to Reasonably Accommodate

contact the Local 2554 Women’s & Fair Practices Coordinator: Lombardo Amaya or Fernando Gurrola or David Yglesias 1-888-620-2554 Ext. 80 before you call the Agency EEO Counselor.

“Agency EEO counselor is pay by the Agency and represents the interests of the Agency not yours.”


What does the CBA with the Agency say about Health & Safety and Bargaining Unit Employees Rights?

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If you want to Report a Health & Safety Violation at your work place or Station or have any questions contact us or our Union designated Health and Safety Officer Genaro Larios or dial 1-888-620-2554 Ext. 86