Swaps Update

October 27, 2015 El Centro, California

All Agents that submitted required documentation for consideration of their individual application to the Swap Program, should by now, have received notification of outcome, (match found, qualification based on qualifying factors such as seniority, etc.…). Notification should have arrived in the form of an electronic mail.

The e-mail should also contain information and or interrogatory question(s) asking the participant of his/her intent to continue with the process (Swap). Local 2554 received a list/roster identifying 31 participants from the El Centro Sector.

If you have question(s) regarding any individual notification, (your own, of course) or if you were not notified and have question(s), please inform Local 2554 via e-mail.

Next scheduled “Swap” opportunity will be taking place on or about January 2016.

Be Safe!